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With Wordala, you get:

  • Over 20 years' experience with thousands of documents—books, academic papers, theses, poetry, manuscripts, business documents, and much more
  • Friendly, one-on-one service with one writing expert, from start to finish
  • An expert who is a native American English speaker, master's degree holder, and published author—every time
  • Low prices—only 2¢ per word for everything
  • Extremely high customer satisfaction ratings
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • You see all changes made with Microsoft Word's track changes feature
  • Helpful comments and writing suggestions included with every job at no extra charge
  • Secure & safe transactions—no log-in or password needed; all payments securely processed by PayPal; your work is kept secure & confidential

We make your writing look better than great

You can get an experienced, professional editor or proofreader to carefully check and correct your work, right now at Wordala. We offer fast, friendly service and a money-back guarantee.

We correct any written document

No matter what you wrote, we'll proofread or edit it so you look better than great, every time. We scrupulously check and correct academic papers, manuscripts, essays, reports, books, blogs, business documents, presentations, and more—if you write it, we'll fix it.

Customer comment:
“Thanks for all your help with my paper! I appreciate it.”
–Eric E.

Proofreading or editing?

We offer both at the same low rate. Read more information about our proofreading and editing services.

You'll see every change we make:
Microsoft Word's track changes feature gives you total control.
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Secure and confidential

You retain all rights

When you create work, you own the copyright. When you submit your work to us for editing, you are not giving us any right to your work. We merely edit it and return the edited copy to you. We do not require credit on your work. You do not need to mention anywhere on your work that it was professionally edited.

Strict confidentiality is assured

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Everything you do on Wordala.com is protected by the highest encryption methods available. (Note the padlock in the top URL bar, which verifies this connection is secure.) Your documents are stored on a secure server and are kept strictly confidential. They are never shared with anyone or posted online, and they're deleted soon after they're sent to you. Your email address is never shared with anyone. We do not require any personal information (besides your email address) in order to process your job; therefore, no personal information is collected or stored on our servers.

Safe transactions

You know exactly what the job costs first, before you pay. Payments are handled entirely by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay by debit or credit card. We never see any of your payment information.

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