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Let an experienced, native English speaker correct your writing, fast. You always work directly with the owner—for great personal service, every time.

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Proofreading services

I will correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and obvious word usage mistakes, while leaving your sentences and paragraphs as they are. See a proofreading example.

If you want professional proofreading services that can proofread papers, web sites, essays, memos, or any other document, it's easy to get proofreading now.

Editing services

I will change words and sentences to make things clear and easy to read, and then proofread everything (see above) for a high-quality result. See an editing example.

If you need a professional editor to edit your ebook, edit your essay or academic papers, do copy editing, manuscript editing, or perform any other editing services, it's easy to get an editor now.


I will write effective, grammatically correct content for whatever you need: résumés, business descriptions, product listing pages, web page content, real estate listings, business and personal letters, advertising copy, and more. Learn more.

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At Wordala, you always know who's working on your job—the owner. You get dependable, personalized, one-on-one service every time, from someone you can trust.

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Proofreading or editing: 2¢ per word.

Writing new content is 10¢ per word.

($5 minimum charge.)

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Turnaround time

Get your job back in less than a day (small jobs) to 3-4 days (large jobs).

More turnaround time detail is on the pricing page.

Satisfaction pledge

I have decades of proofreading, editing, and writing experience, and I'll give you the highest quality work every time. If you're not 100% satisfied, I will work with you to make it right.

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1: You submit a job

You complete the easy & safe get started page, then pay safely via PayPal.

2: You get back the finished product

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Payments are handled entirely by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay by debit or credit card. I never see any of your payment information. Also, everything you type on Wordala.com is encrypted for your protection. See the padlock at the top?

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Strict confidentiality

Your documents are stored on a secure server and are kept strictly confidential. They are never shared with anyone or posted online, and they're deleted soon after they're sent to you. Your email address is never shared with anyone.

Wordala services

Résumé and cover letter proofreading and editing

Will your résumé get thrown on the "reject" pile because it has errors? Not if you get it checked here! I have decades of experience proofreading and editing résumés. Let me carefully proofread your résumé to be sure you make the best possible impression.

I will be happy to create a résumé for you. Just submit a job here, select "writing", and enter "200" as the word count. Enter details about you in the "Job instructions" box and I'll get started. Or, you can contact me now if you have any questions.

Cover letters sell you like nothing else. They're your chance to tell prospective employers why they should hire you instead of the next applicant. I can proofread or edit your cover letter so it flows well, makes sense, and is grammatically perfect.

Novel, book, e-book, manuscript, web site, and blog post editing and proofreading

Aspiring (or successful) authors: make sure your work is clear, easy to understand, and free of embarrassing grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Get proofreading and copy editign of your fiction or non-fiction work so that it makes an amazing impression on your readers. I've written and published two books, so you can depend on the experienced, professional service you get from Wordala.com.

Professional academic proofreading and editing

Get your dissertation, thesis, essay, or other academic document carefully proofread and edited by an experienced editor. Specify the style guide you want to adhere to (APA, MLA, Chicago), submit the job, and you'll get back a corrected version quickly.

Students: Every document you get back shows you what was changed and why it was changed, so you learn how to write better.

Business editing and proofreading

If you're about to publish a business report, instruction manual, brochure, or web page for your business, get it proofread and edited first. Don't be embarrassed by sending out something with grammatical, spelling, or other errors. I'll proofread and edit any business writing so it makes you—and your business—look its best.

Business writing of every kind

You can get almost any business-related writing composed, including:

  • product listing pages
  • web page content
  • blog posts
  • real estate listings
  • business reports
  • instruction manuals
  • advertising copy
  • About Us pages

At Wordala.com, you always work directly with the person doing the work. Get fast, dependable, top-quality writing at very competitive prices. Submit a job now, or contact me if you have any questions.

Highly qualified proofreading, editing, & writing

My name is Neil, and I'll be proofreading and editing the documents you submit. I offer professional editing services, professional proofreading services, and writing services. I have a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees, and I've published two books. Read more about me. So, let me proofread copy for you, perform copy editing, edit your e-book or manuscript, be your grammar editor or paper editor, or do other proofreading and editing services, for high-quality results every time.

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