Privacy policy

Wordala.com requires you to submit your email address and possibly a document or image in order to use the service. You may optionally provide your first name and other personal information, but this is not required. All email addresses, names, documents, and other information are kept strictly confidential on secure servers and are not divulged to anyone else.

Wordala.com does not require a login name or password to use the site.

All payment information is handled by PayPal. When you make a payment, we do not see any details of your payment. PayPal notifies us of your payment based on your email address or job number only.

When you use Wordala.com, your browser will set "cookies" (very small data files that have no personal information in them) on your computer so the site works better for you. These "cookies" do not store any personal information. We collect anonymous information, such as your browser, operating system, pages visited, time spent on pages, and other browsing activity, so we can learn about the popularity of our pages and how people use our site in general so we can improve it for you without your asking. We also collect anonymous tracking information that helps us understand how our ads connect with our sales, so we can stop wasting money running ads that don't perform, so we can keep our prices low.

No personally-identifying information is ever collected, and no collected tracking or site usage information can be matched up with any particular customer or job. For example, we can never find out what ad you (or anyone else) clicked on, or what pages on our site you (or anyone else) visited. All we get are reports that say, for example, that "your home page got 1300 visits last Tuesday," or "This ad resulted in four people ordering a job," and that's it. Again, there is no way to match any collected site usage information to any particular person.

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