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With Wordala, you get:

  • Over 20 years' experience with thousands of documents—books, academic papers, theses, poetry, manuscripts, business documents, and much more
  • Friendly, one-on-one service with one writing expert, from start to finish
  • An expert who is a native American English speaker, master's degree holder, and published author—every time
  • Low prices—only 2¢ per word for everything
  • Extremely high customer satisfaction ratings
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
  • You see all changes made with Microsoft Word's track changes feature
  • Helpful comments and writing suggestions included with every job at no extra charge
  • Secure & safe transactions—no log-in or password needed; all payments securely processed by PayPal; your work is kept secure & confidential

Trust Wordala with your work

Our experienced proofreaders and editors, all master's degree holders and native English speakers, will provide you with top-quality work, every time.

No computerized grammar checker can come close to what we can do for you.

Here's what we mean. Read the paragraph below, which is obviously full of errors. Copy-paste it into Word, or any online grammar checker:

Computer spelling and grammar computer checkers like the ones with all of fancy feature that comes with a word processor cannot do nearly as good as a job as human knowledge learned in a Real School not a Computerized Checker. Grammar and word choice mistakes will be affected by your reputation in a bad way, fixing your writing properly is important to have an actual human being who is Human and alive checks your work insuring your reputation.

The computerized checkers will tell you it's mostly OK. Time to start using Wordala!

Our proofreading services

Proofreading is the process of finding and correcting errors with grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and word usage. Sentences and paragraphs are left as they are when possible. Proofreading services ensure that your academic essay, manuscript, dissertation, memo, or any other document looks its best.

Advantages: faster turnaround than editing, your original choice of words preserved.

Here's the "bad" paragraph after proofreading:

Computer spelling and grammar checkers, like the ones with lots of fancy features that come with word processors, cannot do nearly as good a job as human knowledge learned in a real school, not taught by a computerized checker. Grammar and word choice mistakes will affect your reputation in a bad way. Fixing your writing properly requires an actual human being who checks your work, ensuring your reputation.

Our editing services

Editing goes deeper than proofreading. Sentences, paragraphs, and words are changed, deleted, and added as needed so that your writing has maximum impact, and then everything is proofread to ensure a high quality finished product. If you need an essay editor, copy editor, paper editor, or any kind of academic editing, then Wordala has the professional editor you need!

Advantages: Can improve the readability, conciseness, logical flow, and impact of your writing.

Here's the "bad" paragraph after editing:

Sophisticated computer spelling and grammar checkers that come with word processors like Microsoft Word can't do nearly as good a job as an educated, experienced human being. Grammar and word choice mistakes have a bad effect on your reputation; an experienced human editor ensures you keep your good reputation.

Track changes

You may want to see exactly what changes were made by Wordala's proofreading or editing service.

On the Get Started page, if you select proofreading or editing, and you select a document that's not a PowerPoint document, make sure the "track changes" checkbox is checked. This will result in your getting back a Word document that contains black text and red text.

The black text is your original, unchanged content.

The red underlined text is content that was changed. Words added are red and underlined. Words deleted are red with a line through them.

Example of "Track changes":

Your original sentence:

My cousins car is over their, its too bad its' painted green. Youre right when you say should of been painted black.

Proofread without "Track changes":

My cousin's car is over there. It's too bad it's painted green. You're right when you say it should have been painted black.

Proofread with "Track changes":

My cousin's car is over theirthere,. itsIt's too bad its'it's painted green. YourYou're right when you say it should ofhave been painted black.

Sample Word document available

You can download a sample Microsoft Word document with Track Changes active to see what it actually looks like.

After you open the document in Word, click on the "Review" tab, and look at the section marked "Changes." Click the "Accept," "Reject," "Previous," and "Next" buttons to navigate through all the changes and accept or reject them. To accept all the changes, hold down the bottom of the "Accept" button and select "Accept all changes."

Here's more information on "Track changes" and the return file formats:

File format you sendFile format you get back"Track changes" available?
Microsoft Wordsameyes
Microsoft PowerPointsameno
.PDF with editable textMicrosoft Word (if "track changes" requested) or plain text (.TXT)yes
.RTFMicrosoft Word (if "track changes" requested) or .RTFyes
Plain text (.TXT)Microsoft Word (if "track changes" requested) or .TXTyes

If you don't want changes tracked

Simply uncheck the Track changes checkbox on the Get Started page, and we'll send you back a plain document with all corrections made.

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