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This Terms of Use includes the Payment Policy and Privacy Policy, which are incorporated herein. Please read them.

Terms of Use

If you use Wordala.com (hereafter called "Wordala"), you agree to follow these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to them in their entirety, you may not use this site.

You agree:

  1. To use Wordala in good faith for honest and legal purposes.
  2. To not abuse the ordering and payment process or the ordering and payment system in any way.
  3. That Wordala may refuse to work on material that is objectionable in its sole discretion.
  4. To provide a valid, working email address as part of your order, and to check that email frequently if you have an order in process.
  5. To submit an accurate word count with your order, and submit a payment that represents that accurate word count: $0.02 per word for proofreading or editing, and $0.10 per word for writing.
  6. That the measured turnaround time for a job does not begin until you pay for the job.
  7. That the job turnaround times posted on the site are estimates and cannot be guaranteed, because Wordala might need to ask questions of you in order to complete the job properly.
  8. To not require that Wordala possess scientific, technical, legal, medical, or other expertise, and to not expect that Wordala will identify and correct mistakes that would only be known to experts in a particular field.
  9. To have substantially completed the title page, citations, footnotes, endnotes, references, works cited page, and all other style requirements for all academic papers prior to submitting the work for editing and proofreading. The editing and proofreading services are intended to correct work you've already created, not create written work for you. If you need more extensive help with creating your academic paper, use the contact page and describe what you need.
  10. That the basis of a refund cannot be because my work was not perfect. (See the Payment Policy.)
  11. To not submit plagiarized material or use the site to plagiarize.
  12. To not use the site to violate another's copyright.
  13. To not submit work that's so poorly written that it's impossible to accurately edit or proofread it.
  14. To provide clear English instructions with your order that clearly communicate what services you want performed.
  15. To timely communicate back and forth with the editor upon being contacted through email and clearly answer all questions asked about the job.
  16. To follow the procedure under the Payments & Refunds page if you're dissatisfied with completed work.

Site Warranty; Limitation of Liability

No warranty is given regarding the use or operation of this site. This site is provided on an "as-is" and "as available" basis. It may go down without warning, either temporarily or permanently. Do not depend on it to operate. Do not put yourself or your company in a position where the sudden, permanent, and unannounced failure of this site will have a materially adverse effect on you or your business.

The work you receive from Wordala is produced by a human being, and as such, may contain errors. Wordala explicitly denies any warranty or guarantee that work returned by the site will be perfect or error-free.

If this site suddenly stops operating for more than 72 hours, you agree that the total obligation we have to you is to refund you the full dollar amount you paid for work not received. You agree to not take any legal action against the site or anyone associated with it, even if it goes down temporarily or permanently without warning, and even if the failure of the site to complete the work you have paid for causes you any kind of hardship or financial loss which is greater than the dollar amount you paid for any incomplete jobs.

If you do not agree to this Warranty and Limitation of Liability in their entirety, you are prohibited from using this site.

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